Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being Seventy

This hand-written note is not marked as to date or author, but the scrapbook in which it was found, and the dates mentioned near the end, suggest that it may have been Rose Myrtle May Shaffer Shaver.

How I feel being seventy

Being seventy years old hasn't turned out to be bad at all.  I have been seventy for a whole month now and I am getting pretty experienced at it.  In time I even hope to get used to it.  Looking back now I can't see why I was ever so afraid of reaching this nice ripe age.  The first few days I was pretty nervous.  I had the idea I might fall apart suddenly like the one horse shy.  I was almost afraid to look in the mirror each morning.  But I began to relax somewhat after I discovered that at seventy you don't just disintegrate before your own eyes.  I was kind of surprised to find I didn't feel different at all.  That was fine but would I act any different?  So far I haven't found a single disadvantage to being 70 and I hope there will be some real advantages.  One is in the matter of respect. The biggest advantage however is the new attitude of my hubby.  One evening I started to go to the door to pick up the newspaper "No you just set down there in your easy chair, dear," he said, "I'll get the paper for you after 70 you have to start taking things easy" I thought to myself as I settled back in the chair that I would be happy to stay seventy for the rest of my life.   And I think I will.

P.S. Nov 3, 1962 I am the age of 81 and with the help of my loving family I am still here.

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