Monday, April 11, 2011

Sarah Whycough Shaffer

This photograph is marked on the back with "Sarah Whycough Shaffer 1825".  And, was among a box of mementos passed-down to us..
We cropped-off some of the damaged edges (the original was rectangular).  But otherwise, this is an un-retouched photo.  It could probably benefit from professional restoration.  But, the original is only 4" by 5½".

We don't have too much official documentation on Sarah.  Based on 1880 and 1900 census information, we can confirm that she was born in 1825, in Pennsylvania.  She was married to David Shaffer, had 10 children, 8 of whom survived (but only 7 can we find).  They moved from Pennsylvania to Illinois between 1856 and 1865.  Then, moved to Kansas (Clifton, Washington Co.) sometime between 1865 and 1869.  She and David celebrated at least 57 anniversaries together.

Their children included:

Garrett Shaffer
David R Shaffer
John Shaffer
Elizabeth Shaffer
Edward M Shaffer   
Sherman Shaffer   
Charles Shaffer   

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