Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter to Lucine & Russell Hanson

The following letter is signed only 'Mom", and thought to have been written by Rose Myrtle Mae Shaffer Shaver.  The postmark is Concordia, Kans, JUN 12, 7:30 PM, 1948.  Addressed to Mr. and MRS. Russell Hanson, 310West 6 st, Hays, Kansas.

Dear Lucine and Russell

This is Saturday, and I haven't heard from you this week.  I wonder why, I expect I will here from you today

I done Mrs. Leder hair today It onely took me forty minets to do it pretty good dont you think.  This letter isn't worth three cents I even dought if you can read it but if I dont send it you wont here from me this week

We are all well write whin you get time Love Mom

P.S. Did you get rained on sunday evening? how was the party?  did you have a coat of some kind with you or didn't you get cold going home  Question number ten Were there many there?

- - The spelling and punctuation you see above are as found on the original letter - -

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