Monday, April 18, 2011

Diantha Hampton Shaver

This clipping was faded almost beyond recognition.  Great care has been taken to transcribe as accurately as magnification and human eyesight will allow.  There is no indication of which newspaper printed this obituary, or when.

Diantha Hampton was born May 17, 1838 in Trumbull county, Ohio, and died April 2, 1913, in Republic county, Kansas, at the age of 75 years, ten months and 15 days.  The deceased was married to Eli Shaver, in Ohio, in 1855.  In 1867 they moved to Missouri where they lived until 1880 when they moved to Republic county, Kansas and settled on a farm near Kackley, where they have resided until the present time.  Eleven children were born to this union, nine of whom are yet living.  Eight of the children attended the funeral.  The husband is left to mourn the loss of a beloved wife.  The deceased was a member and ardent worker of the Baptist church from early girlhood until the time of her death, and through the trials of pioneer life she never forgot her God nor faltered in her religion.  Funeral services were held in the Baptist church at Kackley Friday, conducted by Rev. Taylor.  Burial was made in the Concordia cemetery.

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