Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Mother by Charles Newton Shaver

Evidently written about his mother, Diantha Hampton, we found this type-written page loose among the pages of an old "scrap book".


Dear Mother, thou hast left us
And we will miss thy loving care,
But we know thou has gone to Heaven,
And we hope to meet thee there.

We remember thy dear teachings
When we were but a child;
how thou taught us to love our Saviour,
To be gentle, kind, and mild.

And thy teaching has always been with us
Though we have wandered away,
And they voice and influence have followed us,
Wherever we have strayed.

And we feel that thy prayers have been answered,
For we are serving our Saviour and King,
And may we all meet in glory,
And his praises for evermore sing.

                                     C. N. Shaver

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