Saturday, April 30, 2011

John Shaver Newsclippings

The following clippings all reference John Shaver (1874 - 1965).  None indicate the name of the paper.
hand-written date of Jan. 29, 1952 

John Shaver, 77 year-old employee of the Matthew Greenhouses, was taken to St. Joseph's hospital for treatment last Tuesday evening when the back of his left hand was torn by a soil shredder, while he was at work.  Shaver is one of those rugged fellows who believes that work is the best way of staying young and despite his age puts in a full day at the greenhouses and gardens, and plans to return to work as soon as possible.

(another version of the same story)

Friends of John Shaver will be sorry to hear of a painful accident injuring his left hand while he was at work at the Mathews greenhouse in Concordia.  His hand was badly mangled in a dirt mixing machine but it is coming along fine.  John was confined to the St. Joseph hospital but was expected home the first of the week.  Mr. Shaver, who moved to Concordia several years ago to retire, soon tired of retirement and has been employed at Mathews almost ever since moving.

 hand-written date of May 7, 1954

We met John Shaver in the Matthew Greenhouse in Concordia Saturday.  He is employed there.  He looks well and said Mrs. Shaver is in much better health than she was a couple of years ago.  He hasn't been in Courtland for seven years--meets his relatives down there--but says the folks that were just little kids when he lift this community are young men and women.  He can't understand how they change so fast.

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