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Charles Newton Shaver

This clipping has no date, and retains only a portion of the of the newspaper's title: "GOLD HIL"...evidently the "Gold Hill News".

Death Calls a Prominent Citizen
Charles Newton Shaver is dead.  Gold Hill has lost one of its most valued citizens and politicians.  Coming with the grim reaper, death, sorrow and regret keener than has been felt in Gold Hill for many years stepped here and cast a cloud of gloom over the entire community.  Charley (as he was fondly called) was holding four political and civic offices when he passed.  Councilman, Director on the school board, Sunday School Superintendent at the M. E. Church and a Trustee on the Library Board.  He has won for himself, in the hearts of the populace here, a place that cannot be filled by an other living soul.  He had no personal enemies except death who wins always in the end.

Charles Newton Shaver was born at Maysville, Missouri January 5, 1870 where he lived with his parents ten years moving to Concordia, Kansas in 18??.  He was united with the present Mrs. Shaver at Scandia, Kansas August 24, 1893 returning to Concordia with his bride where September 1903 they were blessed with the arrival of their oldest son Clarence.  In April 1905 they were blessed again by the arrival of another son, Claudie.  In 1906 Chas Shaver and family moved to Santa Monica, Calif., and in 1908 again moved to Redland, Calif., where they remained only one year when the moved to Ashland, Oregon, in 1909.  In 191? the family moved to Gold Hill where they have made their home ever since.  Here in 1912 their third son, Woodrow was born and named after Wilson.  A couple of years past Chas Shaver bought the Olsen bungalo and remodeled it for his permanent home and made a beautiful property of the residence.

Mr. Shaver has been in the barber business practically all his life and operated a shop here ever since coming to this place.  His trade was extensive.  His business is being continued by his sons and his brother Tom who has made his home here for several years and who is well acquainted with the business.  About a month past Chas. Shaver was confined to his bed with a sickness that at the time puzzled the doctors to correctly diagnose, was was not thought serious until he had been sick almost a week when consultation that there would be a fight to save him.  Miss Mary Newton a trained nurse was employed and gave the sick man her constant attention, holding him alive by care more than medicine could.  He practically lived on stimulants until the crisis October 25th when his fever broke and his heart action remained fast and strained.  At two in the morning of October 25 he was sleeping quietly but at three he called the nurse who found him failing and the doctor was called.  He never rallied but sunk steadily until at about 6:20 he ceased to be a member of earthly society but had passed on to his reward.

The Pearl Undertaking parlors were employed and the body was taken to Medford for embalming and preparation for the last rites on earth.  On Friday October 27 all that remained of Charles Shaver was laid in state at the home at 10:30 where it remained until 1:30 p.m. when the Odd Fellows, of whose lodge he recently became a member led the procession from the house to the M. E. Church where Rev. J. R. Sasnett, of the M. E. Church at Medford conducted a very impressive service.  The Odd Fellows took charge of the service at the church door and conducted the body to its last resting place ad after a benediction by Rev. Sasnett, the clods played their doleful song and all was finished--Dust to dust.

BE IT KNOWN, that at a meeting of the Board of Directors of School District No. 57, Jackson County Oregon, held at the School Building in said District, at eight o;clock P. M. on the 30th day of October, at which time and place there were present, Silas Fleming, chairman of the Board of Directors, W. H. Miller a Director and Katherine J. Kellogg, Clerk of said Board and it being known that C. N. Shaver, the other of said Board of Directors, had died since the last meeting thereof, the following resolution was presented and duly adopted and directed to be spread on the minutes, to wit:

WHEREAS, since the last meeting of the Board, our esteemed co-member, Charles N. Shaver, has passed to the great beyond, and 

WHEREAS, the death of our co-worker has left a vacancy in this Board and sorrow in the hearts of his many friends, and said bereavement in the family of which he was the bread winner and support; NOW THEREFORE BE IT

RESOLVED, That in the decease of Charles N. Shaver, this District has lost an officer of merit and the community a worthy and highly esteemed citizen; that the heartfelt sympathy of all goes out to the bereaved ones for whom this Board expresses its deep condolence.

RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be furnished to his family and published in the Gold Hill News.
President of the Board

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